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By building an easy-to-locate, 'central town square' available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, .Sucks is designed to help consumers find their voices and allow companies to find the value in criticism. Each dotSucks domain has the potential to become an essential part of every organization's customer relationship management program.

Applications for cause marketing (e.g. cancer.sucks), consumer advocacy and customer service.

Marketing and promotion strategies to support strong visibility and awareness.

Anti-bullying, anti-pornography and anti-parking policies ensure a focused domain space.

Trailblazers Program

We want to partner with registrants who currently operate communities whose addresses include the word 'sucks,' but somewhere to left of the dot.

Our program invites those who operate those sites to re-locate to the emerging community of criticism, commentary and customer service to be found at the dotSucks domain space.

We ask that those who would like to become a Trailblazer for dotSucks submit a response to these five (5) questions:

  • What site do you now operate which includes the word 'sucks' to the left of the dot?
  • How would your ability to succeed change if the word 'sucks' were to the right of the dot?
  • Do you have an active community of participants?
  • Describe the attributes (size, engagement, reach) of your 'active' community?
  • What is your area of focus, the source of your energy for starting and continuing to expand this community?

Each applicant will be judged on the merit of its mission, reach of its community, diversity of its approach and plan to leverage its new address. As noted above, we are looking for a mix of sites that have rallied a community of criticism, commentary or of customer service.

In exchange, these Trailblazers will be able to register the agreed upon domain name at no charge for a period of two (2) years.


Advocates Program

There are a host of cause-related, customer service-driven and politically partisan websites among an even wider set of domains devoted to helping people make a point and rally a community. These people are advocates and we want others like them to take advantage of a natural partnership with the .sucks registry.

Our Advocate Program will seek to partner with a select set of such out-spoken registrants who do not now have a web presence. Those who, using their free speech rights and passion, can help make the VoxPopRegistry and the .sucks top level domain, an essential destination. We intend to solicit marketing plans for such sites and select a small group of them to support. Our goal is to show the world that sucks is not a pejorative, but a point of emphasis.

Through various media, we will issue a call for those plans and have them reviewed by a panel of outside consumer, media and academics to select those that make the best case, are focused on an issue of broad importance and have a good chance to effect change.

Those selected will receive financial, marketing and technical support from the registry for a period of two years. It is our hope the selected causes will be self-sustaining by that time.