Going Rogue? Get a .SUCKS Domain

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The resistance to the Trump administration is visible everywhere, particularly online. Rogue Twitter accounts have been springing up left, right and center (literally: members on all sides of the political spectrum have had enough of Trump and his croonies.) For starters, an anonymous Bureau of Land Management employee started the @blm_alt Twitter account to speak out against Trump’s seemingly anti-science rhetoric and his disregard for environmental responsibility. Many other “alt” or “rogue” groups have since followed suit, including those run by federal employees from the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Labor and the Interior Department. Rogue POTUS staff are taking to the internet to spread their discontent and let the world know that even though TheStateofAffairs.Sucks, Americans aren’t going to give in to a corrupt president without a fight. But Twitter isn’t the only way these groups can mobilize—and we think a .SUCKS domain can help.

The TL;DR:

  • In response to Donald Trump’s questionable administration, more and more federal employees are going rogue with alt (but unverified) Twitter accounts to communicate directly with U.S. citizens.
  • A .SUCKS website can be the missing link between catchy, antagonistic activism on social media and the proper relaying of essential information to citizens. By combining trending tweets and informative content under a .SUCKS website, resistance groups can undermine the president while educating the people.

Why resistance matters

The Trump administration has already caused quite a stir. American citizens are rallying to show their discontent. From public protests, like the women’s march, to a State Department letter of dissent condemning Trump’s controversial immigration ban, it’s clear we aren’t the only ones who think IncompetentLeadership.Sucks.

The internet provides a channel through which employees from every corner of the economy can push back against their country, their president, their boss, their industry and their workplace environment. By “going rogue,” federal employees are preserving the flow of information to the people and pushing back against government censorship. Rogue groups are standing up to say that no position of power is absolute and that even the president should be challenged to defend or adjust his position.

How a .SUCKS domain can help

It appears the trend to go rogue is both necessary and contagious: “unaffiliated” and self-proclaimed resistance sects from various parts of the government and other important orgs are speaking up. The problem is, with so many accounts circulating on Twitter, it can be hard to trust the legitimacy of the information being shared. Furthermore, everyday citizens need more immediate ways to voice discontent and create turbulence.

If you’re going rogue, consider this: while Twitter accounts help provide intel from anonymous insiders to the world, the format may not always lend itself to proper mobilization. If you want to spew your hardships in 140 characters, then Twitter may be your platform of choice. But for simple navigation and search engine optimization, a well-designed website can help deliver and inform readers in ways that tweets simply can’t. Websites allow you to combine social platforms with longer forms of news and content to not only rouse the crowds but also to educate them on the exact issues at stake.

You used to need to know code to start and maintain a website, but now it’s as easy as buying a domain and using a pre-made template. Several political .SUCKS domains have already been purchased (including Trumpy.Sucks, Donaldjtrump.Sucks and Mikepence.Sucks), but there are many more available that can help you creatively speak out against departments, legislature and individuals that are making our country suck.

(Psst—theWhiteHouse.Sucks is still available, last we checked, for any staffers who want to gather intelligence.)

Whether you’re an employee speaking out from within or a frustrated citizen who believes that TheCabinet.Sucks, a .SUCKS domain can help you get the conversation started. After all, Trump.Sucks but widespread apathy sucks more.

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