Trump This: 4 Missed Opportunities for Civil Conversations

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Whenever we think Donald Trump can’t possibly “trump” his latest move as president, he somehow manages to surprise us. From Trump’s ineptitude with foreign policy to his questionable relationship with the Twittersphere, Trump-related catastrophes and blunders are a dime a dozen—so we’ve put together an ongoing series briefing you on the latest and (not-so-)greatest moves from the White House.

If you follow President Trump’s Twitter antics and online temper tantrums, you’ll have almost daily reminders of just how much Trump.Sucks. Instead of tactfully dealing with current social and political issues, President Trump lashes out in ways unbecoming to a teenager, much less POTUS. The NFL, North Korea, Puerto Rico and the recent tragedy in Las Vegas are just some of the moments that called for empathy and civil conversation instead of the typical Trumpian diatribe.

NFL and the National Anthem

President Trump has taken shots at women, the disabled, and even Puerto Ricans in the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Maria. Recently, he’s taken shots at NFL players who kneel during the national anthem, even calling for them to be fired for their displays of peaceful protest. Remember how quickly President Trump stood up for white nationalists and Nazis? His backlash against the NFL missed an opportunity for civil discourse about racial injustice in America. Instead, his quick temper highlighted his racist leanings, yet again.

North Korea Escalation

Antagonizing a nation like North Korea that brags about its nuclear power while engaging in missile tests seems like an obvious no-go. However, President Trump doesn’t seem to see it this way and uses every opportunity to insult and egg on the current North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un. When dealing with potential threats of war, the advisable course of action would be to encourage civil conversation between national leaders (and stay off Twitter in the meantime).

Puerto Rico Hurricane

Following Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans were left with no power, destroyed homes and businesses, and difficulty meeting even the basic necessities of survival. The Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, pleaded for help, noting in a press conference that “we are dying, and you are killing us with the inefficiency.” Rather than taking this plea seriously and addressing the concerns of those affected by the disaster with kindness and empathy, Trump lashed out, making accusations of “poor leadership” and stating that “[Puerto Ricans] want everything to be done for them.” Yet again, a chance for civil conversation and encouragement is lost in an unnecessary attack of a suffering nation.

Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Not only is the President’s tweet factually inaccurate (the police didn’t stop the shooter, he took his own life), but it does nothing to address the urgent need for better gun control in the United States. Voices across America are pleading for gun regulations to be taken seriously, yet Trump did little to address these valid and desperate concerns, particularly as the Republican party works to keep rolling back gun regulations. POTUS continues to ignore important moments for conversation, choosing inane tweets over practical action every time.

The Takeaway

Trump repeatedly chooses to enter into insulting and childish tirades on social media rather than engaging in civil discourse and appropriate action. The leader of the United States should be building people up, encouraging communities and addressing the concerns of disfranchised groups across the county. Instead, he takes to bullying people and calling them names on Twitter.

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