The Next .SUCKS Domain of the Month Award Goes To…

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SUCKS domain

Need some inspiration for how to use a .SUCKS domain to market your product or ideas? From anti-Trumpers to anti-decaffers, these sites are doing activism and marketing right. Whether they’re speaking out against a rogue president, venting frustrations at a company, selling a product or taking down a whole darn industry, these .SUCKS domains are both fun and highly effective. Here are the domains that earned our applause this month.

Taking home bronze:

Unhappy hotel guest by window

At first glance, you might think you landed on the Hyatt Regency hotel chain’s homepage and start looking for the reservation tab. You may not be able to make a reservation on, but you can certainly complain about one. is a great example of how a customer base can demand more accountability from big businesses—because being a fancy schmancy hotel doesn’t mean your employees can be blatantly racist.

Not only do we love the idea of holding large corporations to high standards, we love the Twitter integration on the site, which gives the feel of a conversation between customers happening in real time. That’s why is our bronze medal winner of the month.

Silver (and a pound of coffee) goes to:

Girl throwing out coffee in trash—and don’t we agree! What’s the point of a steaming espresso if it doesn’t kick your butt into gear when your alarm goes off at 6am? This playful, humorous sentiment is at the core of, whose main purpose is to sell a wealth of cheeky products to other coffee purists who want to speak out against “imitation coffee”. They even remembered to market to the furry friend in your life.

We love the general tone and playfulness of the site but what clinched the silver medal spot for is the witty product descriptions. With turns of phrase like “hot coffee flavored water” and “neutered coffee,” their copywriter deserves a raise—and the fully caffeinated treat of their choice.

And (drumroll) the Domain of the Month is….

Destroyed forest after logging, and we’re not the only ones who think so! Not only is this a worthy cause, the execution of the site, by the National Parks Association of New South Wales, is near flawless. Powerful imagery of the destruction caused by the logging industry sits neatly beneath an easy-to-navigate menu and concise explanation of what they are doing and why.

With species in the region on the brink of extinction (including Australia’s beloved koala), the site’s urgency is well-warranted. even punctuates their homepage with a distinct call-to-action, letting interested parties know exactly what they can do to help.

Our absolute favorite part is the Honest Government Advert, a compelling and shareable way to help spread NPA’s message through humor. This, combined with everything else they’re doing right, is why nabbed the gold medal for our monthly .SUCKS shout-out.

Honorable Mention:

President Donald Trump speaking

Bold, timely and just what America needs right now. combines acute social commentary with political activism to bring together a community of like-minded protestors and dissenters in the wake of the surprising results of the 2017 U.S. presidential election. Sporting a clean look with an eye-catching array of colors and graphics, has a web-presence worthy of their cause. Their e-shop has everything the modern “nasty woman” needs to make her voice heard in the rabble of these troubled socio-political times. The best part is that 100% of proceeds support Planned Parenthood and other great charities!

We particularly like the wide array of visual and written content. Clever comics, important critical commentary and a good cause work in tandem to land on our list as a truly honorable mention.

Closing Ceremony

Don’t let these great .SUCKS domains have all the fun. Join the conversation and let the world know what truly sucks. Maybe you’ll even see your own cause win the next Domain of the Month.

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