Trump This: American Healthcare

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Just when we think Donald Trump can’t possibly “trump” his last move as President, he somehow manages to surprise us. From Trump’s ineptitude with foreign policy to his questionable relationship with the Twittersphere, Trump-related catastrophes and blunders are a dime a dozen. Given how (dis)approval ratings are quickly proving that Trump is failing worse than any other president in American history, we’ve decided to put together an ongoing series briefing you on his latest blunders and bluffs. Ignorance.Sucks, so we’re here to make sure that you have all the facts.

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So, what is Trump’s latest oversight? His war against Obamacare. Even though his attempt to repeal it in favor of Trumpcare failed to get enough Republican votes, he continues to try to restructure the system, potentially causing countless Americans to lose their coverage. Here’s what you need to know about the proposed changes he wants to make:

1. No Employer Mandate

No employer mandate with Trump's healthcare plan

Unlike Obamacare, Trump’s healthcare plan won’t require employers with over 50 employees to offer health insurance. Under Obamacare, employers were bound by an employer mandate that was put in place to make companies more accountable to their workers. A common argument against public healthcare is that people should just “get a job” and obtain their own coverage—but people forget that under Trumpcare many employers won’t be obligated to offer healthcare of any sort to their employees.

2. Cut Coverage to Millions of Children

Many families in America require Medicaid to protect and care for their children. A partial repeal of Obamacare could mean that as many as 13 million children go without adequate healthcare coverage in America. The Affordable Care Act assists low income households with healthcare coverage, and medicaid expansion was even adopted in many Republican-led states, like Ohio and New Jersey. ALifeWithoutHealthcare.Sucks and it’s children and families that will pay the price.

3. Raised Prices for Older Americans

Protesters against Trumpcare

Obamacare put checks and balances into the system so that insurers couldn’t deny coverage or overcharge for preexisting conditions. It also ensured that older enrollees weren’t being charged more than three times what younger enrollees paid. Under Trumpcare, this number could go up to five times—meaning elderly folk more prone to health troubles could be hemorrhaging money for basic coverage. That’s enough for any older voter to come to the conclusion that TrumpCare.Sucks.

4. Benefits for the Rich and Cuts for the Poor

While Trump’s plan may benefit some young people by lowering their costs, it will leave a ton of destruction in its wake. Most notably affected will be lower-income citizens and those from rural communities who don’t have easy access to city centers. Meanwhile, well-off Americans will pay less in taxes under Trumpcare. Obamacare offered subsidies for those making less than $50,000 a year; Trumpcare will see that the 1%, those making over $699,000 annually, can claim an average tax cut of $33,000.

The Takeaway

It may be hard to believe, but Trump has barely started his term as President, and he’s already wreaking havoc on our safety and sanity. If you have an opinion on Trump’s latest antics, make your opinion known with a head-turning, provocative .SUCKS domain today. Stay tuned for the next Trump This as the 45th President of the United States finds new not-so-genius ways to disappoint us.

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